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Miles & Jackie Anderson

Coffee is the second most consumed beverage on the planet after water. It’s the second most traded commodity after oil. People drink coffee all day, everyday in almost every country around the world.

But here’s the really powerful question: When was the last time you were paid every-time someone enjoyed a cup of coffee?

Welcome to OrGano Gold! We are creating a ground breaking movement that starts with OrGano Gold coffee. From the ground to the cup we’re a company that is working to improve people’s health, wealth and bring more balance into their lives thanks to the overwhelming power of Ganoderma – an ancient Chinese herb that has been used for over 4000 years to enhance wellness.

By infusing gourmet coffee and an ever expanding product line with the power of Ganoderma Lucidum herb, OrGano Gold has scientifically developed a healthier alternative to regular coffee that not only tastes great, but makes people feel great, and that’s where YOU fit in.

Launched in September 2008, OrGano Gold has grown to become one of the most admired companies in the Direct Sales industry creating the financial and time freedom for many of our Distributors world wide. Here in Organo Gold you’ll find all the training and support resources necessary to launch, expand & maintain a successful OrGano Gold business. Bottom line is we’re a family, a family that cares about YOU!

Market Trends
Organo Gold blends the unequalled power of Ganoderma with an unparalleled business opportunity that will allow you to capitalize in the ever expanding health and wellness industry.

Imagine living a life of health, abundance and freedom. Just imagine having access to products with the power of Ganoderma. Imagine how huge the world-wide market for these products can be.

A commitment to innovation has guided OrGano Gold in the development of cutting edge products infused with the power of Ganoderma. OrGano Gold was founded with an exclusive strategic alliance agreement with one of the largest certified Organic Ganoderma Lucidum producers in the world. We are dedicated to maximizing the potential of Ganoderma with research, development and an ever expanding line of scientifically developed Ganoderma based products.


Everyone, talks about, dreams about and prays about being in the right place, at the right time, with the right product that people not only WANT, but that people HABITUALLY and UNCONSCIOUSLY CONSUME multiple times per day.

If you have ever wanted to position yourself at the forefront of a MAJOR ECONOMIC MOVEMENT…the time is NOW!

We market a product that literally hundreds of millions of people are addicted to and those people consume this product multiple times per day, HABITUALLY….It’s COFFEE but not just any coffee, its gourmet healthier coffee that is taking America by storm.

Think about this…Practically every single person drinks coffee or knows someone that does, from the poor to the affluent, from the young to the elderly, in an up economy or a down economy.  In fact, over half a billion cups are being served everyday in North America alone and we are able to offer a HEALTHIER Coffee.

I personally work with several gentlemen that reached the pinnacle of our company in just 18 months and were not even coffee drinkers prior to getting started and are now the top income earners in the industry.

How is all of this possible you ask…Well success leaves clues so let’s take a look at them?

McDonalds has been serving coffee since 1940s but has now rebranded themselves and trademarked the name “McCafe” completely shifting their marketing focus to target the coffee craze.

Dunkin Donuts has a new slogan, “American Runs on Dunkin”….and Oh, by the way, their new logo is a COFFEE cup.

Subway is now open for breakfast so that they too can profit from the 2nd most traded commodity…COFFEE.

With our concept every distributor gets their own coffee enterprise and by following the proven step by step system, can easily out produce the sales volume of the average coffee shop on a monthly basis.

I provide people with a life changing strategy that actually produces real results.

So let’s look at why  Coffee and MLM are the perfect combination:
  1. Millions Upon Millions of people can’t start their day without our product!
    Have you ever got in the way of a coffee drinker trying to get to their first cup in the morning?!?
  2. Millions Upon Millions of people are ADDICTED to Our Product.
    More than 500,000,000 cups of coffee are consumed DAILY in North America Alone!
    Reorders are virtually guaranteed!
  3.  How hard is it to explain coffee to a coffee drinker?
  4. Our team enjoys outstanding wholesale pricing on delicious gourmet coffee, latte, mocha, hot chocolate, and green tea!
  5. Coffee has not only been around “forever” but the coffee market is growing by 20% annually in the USA.
  6. Our company has actually found a way to infuse 100% Certified Organic Ganoderma in to every cup. You can’t see it, taste it, or smell it. You just get the benefits of this amazing herb in a delicious cup of coffee. (Search Google for “Ganoderma” and you will be amazed at what you find!)
  7. The market for coffee is absolutely MASSIVE and grows daily!
  8. I truly enjoy knowing that I can offer coffee drinkers a delicious healthy cup of coffee AND help them build financial freedom by sharing this coffee and our system with others. Yeah … I feel really good about this product and opportunity! So much so that I referred my own family members and gladly share it with my friends.

By now, you’re probably thinking, “Yeah. This makes sense. But can I really do this?

That’s a great question. Chances are, you invite people out to coffee or share a cup of coffee with friends, already. Now you can share THIS coffee with them.  After looking at this information coffee, quite possibly, could haunt you….you will see it everwhere, TV, signs, gas stations, church…etc

Now The Only Real Question Is: Are You Ready?

I’ll be happy to explain how our system works, why we’re so successful with it and  more importantly: How YOU Can Start Experiencing This Success For Yourself!

Miles and Jackie Anderson


  • Jody's Testimony says:

    I started drinking the Latte just 4 months ago (February 2011) and have lost 14 pounds, changing nothing about the way I eat or drink….except the coffee.
    I now drink the black and expect to lose 10 more pounds. Since drinking the black with no sugar my blood sugar level has gone down several points.
    I love it!!!

    Jody B
    The Woodlands, Tx

  • In December 2010, I went through a huge personal change that drove me to my knees in the literal sense but I stood up, took a deep breath and determined to make a fresh start and I also knew that I wanted to find “The Opportunity” to provide a better lifestyle for myself and my son, Gage. Little did I know at the time, but would find out very soon, that I was also expecting yet another son whom I intend to name, Jack, after my father.
    I remember praying to God that He would show me the opportunity that would be best for me and for my family.
    Then, one afternoon, while driving home with Gage, it was right there in front of me. I read the message on the back of Debs vehicle promising Recession Proof income.
    I sped up and programmed her number into my phone knowing that it had to be a Network Marketing business, but I also knew that I wanted to know which Network Marketing business it was. Somehow I just knew that this was the opportunity I had been looking for and had prayed about.
    Now, knowing that the business revolves around healthy coffee and the market for such a product is beyond comprehension and also knowing that the people I’m in business with are honorable, ethical, have integrity and faith, there is no doubt in my mind that this business is absolutely The Business I want to be involved in.
    I am so grateful that I took that leap of faith and took down Deb’s number. My life and the lives of my children will never be the same.

    Jodi D.
    Katy, Tx

  • I’m a truck driver by trade and I’m always looking for more energy/stamina/alertness,regular coffee always upset my stomach so I didn’t drink it.I was introduced to Organo Gold and now I can drink coffee on a empty stomach don’t get sick and have plenty of energy.
    Daniel S.

  • Before I started drinking Organo Gold I had nerve damage and circulation challenges on the bottom of my feet. I could barely walk to the mail box. About 6 month after I started drinking the coffee I walked a 3 mile walk for cancer. I feel good and will never stop drinking Organo Gold Coffee!

    Karlos S,

  • Pam's Testimony says:

    For quite some time I have been dealing with acidosis. It got to the point that my breathing was affected by the build up of acid throughout my body. I could barely carry on a conversation without gasping for air. The acidosis also affected my potassium level and caused it to drop dangerously low. The low potassium contributed to extreme fatigue. I was introduced to Organo Gold coffee and after having one cup, my breathing was better in about 10 minutes. Prior to the first cup, my PH level was 8.0. After having 3 cups of coffee, my PH level had decreased to 6.8. I’ve continued to drink 1-2 cups a day as well as take the supplements. My breathing has continued to improve tremendously and I now have much more energy.
    God works in mysterious and mighty ways. I believe with all my heart that God led us to this coffee for several reasons. One, was to see that He is sovereign and in complete control of our lives. (Psalm 135:6) Secondly, that our ways are before His eyes and He ponders all our paths. (Prov. 5:21) Another, to remind us that He is the creator and gave us everything we need for good health from the beginning of time and placed it in THE garden. After all, when He had finished His creation, He saw everything that He had made and indeed it was very good. (Gen. 1:1,31) I won’t give credit to the coffee alone. However, I do give God the credit and the glory for creating the herb that is in it which brings heallth.
    Pam S
    Livingston, Tx

    “A woman’s heart should be so lost in GOD that a man has to seek HIM in order to find her.”

    “Life without GOD is like an unsharpened pencil – it has no point.”

  • Jeff Hurst says:

    My wife, Cathy and I just joined Organo Gold.
    I was reading the First Edition of Gold Magazine and saw your Emerald page writing.
    Everyone’s words are great, but yours resonated with me and I searched you online to find this site.
    You guys are doing it right it seems. Love this site and even though I’m about a year behind in reading the magazine, I loved every second of it. Your pics are great, too.
    Congratulations on your success!
    Cathy and I hope to attain the same from our home in San Diego, California!
    Cheers!…(with cups of coffee).

    • admin says:

      Welcome to the Organo Gold family. Make sure that you plug into the system that is proven.
      There is extrordinary leadership in California in Mr Rramon Fulcher. Do they say to do and
      in the end they will call you Diamond!!

      Make it a great day….always!!

  • Extra ordinary things have happened with Organo Gold that has never been accomplished by any other company, traditional or otherwise. One of them is the exclusive collaboration with the Napoleon Hill Foundation and the book Think and Grow Rich. Well, guess what! Mercedes Benz is one of the companies that couldn’t do it until NOW! Mercedes has partnered with Organo Gold and the OG Benz Club was created. What does this mean? To me it means that many other companies that couldn’t be affiliated with the foundation are going to be coming to Organo Gold to offer their products or services in order to have the strategic collaboration with the company that is in exclusive collaboration with the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

    Many more amazing things are to come!! See how to JOIN OUR TEAM click above!

  • My energy and concentration have greatly improved. I am hypothyroid. I’ve lost 8 pounds – but the greatest benefit is the health. Diagnosed with fatty liver (no, I don’t drink) in February, 2010, I started seriously drinking (and enjoying) OrGanoGold coffee daily. The surgeon who removed my gall bladder just 5 months later told me my liver is clean, no longer fatty. Also, based upon lab results, for the first time in 30 years, my doctor reduced my dosage of thyroid medicine. I no longer have to take Ambien to sleep, another 30 year problem. And I’ve replaced almost half of my monthly income in just 5 months.
    Best regards,

  • Anthony W. says:

    I tested the coffee and wanted to tested the health benifits for my self so i didn’t tell Jackie or Miles that i had a headache. i drank the coffee and 30 mins later i no longer had a headache. I have been drinking the coffee for two weeks now. I have not changed anything in my life style but drinking two to three cups a day and i have lost five pounds.

  • Fayelea Phillips says:

    Hello, how are you all? I’m doing wonderful because of this wonderful OG coffee and green tea.. I personally experienced no more pain when getting out of bed,no more depression, I stay focused all the time, when im not wearing my glasses there is no more eye strain, no more migrains, just an endless amount of great things happing to my body because of the ganoderma in this product… I truly do not see me living without consuming this beverage. I’ m so excited that i started with the company that never stops:) thank you for your time godbless you all!!!! og og og og :)

  • DEBROAH T says:

    I was in a car accident years ago that left me with a herniated disc in my lower back. Through the years the condition has worsened to the point that at 35 my doctors told me that on x-ray my back looks like someone of about 80 years of age.
    I have suffered for years with daily pain. I have seen many specialists who have all told me that I am inoperable and my option is limited to daily medication consisting of up to 2 Vicodin every 4 hours, Ibuprophin, and Darvocet at night (before it was taken off the market). Even on all this medication I suffered daily. The lightest movement could and often did have me in incredible pain.
    One morning after about two weeks of the Organo Gold coffee I got up and walked across the room when my husband asked me what I was doing. Puzzled I was not sure what he was referring to when he stated that I got up and walked like he does every morning. Without my complications. I had not even realized that I just got up and began moving. After that I began noticing that the normal siatic pain I normally had I was no longer having. I began testing and discovered that I could bend over to pick something up off of the floor which I have not really been able to do for years. My children began noticing changes, all they have ever known of me has been me in pain and assisting me in normal daily things.
    In addition to the relief of back pain I also no longer have to take the medication for the damage all the pain medication had caused my stomach. I am not 100% without discomfort but I am able to do things I have not been able to do in years. I truly believe that this product has been a gift to me from God and a long awaited answer to prayer.

    Have a blessed day,
    Deborah T.

  • Rory's Testimonial says:

    I want to share my OG experience since I began drinking the various Organo Gold beverages. They are wonderful, and the way I’ve been feeling, I will never stop. After just a couple of days I noticed how good I felt and that I had more energy. At work I noticed how alert I was all day long. The mental clarity and focus I now have, along with the abscence of daily headaches has been amazing. The afternoon slump that always hits me is gone. I’ve been sleeping better at night. I had been having problems in my arms for six months with pain, burning, tingling, and this had started to spread to my legs, feet, and face. The pain is almost completely gone. “Change your coffee, change your life.” Ogano Gold has definitely changed mine. Thank you OG!

    Rory C.

  • DEBROAH T says:

    Praise the Lord for the amazing results this coffee is making in people’s lives. I just got off the phone with another friend who has suffered with multiple ailments for years and is down to about 1/8th of the pain medication she normally takes and is intending to be 100% pain medication free.

    Deborah T

  • Tony & Nan says:

    Tony- the energy without the jitters or acid feeling. I love the taste and could drink it all day, and it pays. I had my first cup of coffee outside of the business, and it had such an aftertaste.

    Nan- I love the tea & coffee.Gives me an energized feeling without the frazzled level of intensity. I can feel good about drinking a beverage I love and be helping my body achieve better health.

    Tony & Nan G

  • Aaron Vargas says:

    After staring to drinks this coffee in October 2012 I have gone through a change that I’ve never seen with anything else including monsters, redbulls and even b12s. I never have this much energy. I feel incredible. Between working out and drinking this coffee I lost 20 pounds in 2 week this is amazing and the best of all I did not drink coffee but this coffee is not only helpful, it tastes delicious. Thank you OG

  • I have been taking medication for depression ever since I found my boyfriend deceased on the floor 16 years ago. I went into a clinical depression which lasted 2 years, couldn’t even clean my apartment, I’d just come home from work and stare at the floor. Then I got therapy and began taking and anti-depressant, which did help me get back into real life, and I’ve been taking it ever since. What I wanted to say here is that I have been drinking Organo Gold coffee and green tea for only 4 or 5 weeks, and I feel as if the pill I’ve been taking all these years is not necessary, or not AS necessary. The positive feelings it brings me and the lift, have made me feel so good I’ve sometimes neglected to take it because I felt so good I’d forget about it and have to remind myself. I am not exaggerating.. The Ganoderma mushroom’s benefits to ME have been enormous, and I intend to continue drinking such a natural boost daily and there may come a day when I will not even fill my prescription, because I do not need it! Am really grateful for the healthy feeling it gives me!

  • Carmella C says:

    Just want to give an update.

    When I started drinking Organo Gold coffee and taking the capsules I had an eye disease that was causing pressure to build behind my eyes. The end result, I was told, was blindness.

    Since being on the product, I have baffled the doctors. The pressure is reversing, my numbers are getting better and better.

    Oh, and there is no evidence of sugar level issues.

  • I’v been drinking OG coffee for about a month now and am amazed by the benefits. First of all, I’m a college student and was taking medication for my attention deficit problem. After almost 2 weeks drinking OG coffee I was able to completely quit my medication. I was extremely happy because my medication was causing major kidney pain. Also, I am finally able to get a good nights sleep! I don’t wake up in the middle of the night anymore and feel so rested in the morning. I’v also been using OG soap on my face and am very pleased with the results. My minor acne is clearing and noticing less redness!

  • Ken Bell says:

    ZONE 1
    Now I know why the Organo Gold opportunity is MY CHOICE! One word: LEADERSHIP. I was blown away by my Friend and OG Business Mentor, Mr. Miles Anderson presentation for Mr. Tim Ellison’s Business Launch Tonight. My thought was I am connected to Miles and Jackie Anderson. I am on the right path.
    OK, here’s my testimony, as I near my 2nd year anniversary in OG, this month, I confess I did not want to have anything to do with Network Marketing. But my sister, who loves me decided to sponsor me in the business. For 18 months, I did NOTHING, but place an Organo Gold banner on my radio station website@ Gospel Inspirations @ http://gospelinspirations.com. THEN…The emails started coming. Emails that said you have a LOAD on your OG Wallet. So I called my sister to inquire about the OG Wallet. What I did not know was because of RETAIL SALES on my OG website, I was getting a % of everything cup of coffee sold. NOW I’m INTERESTED! Next I get to attend the OG Experience @ OG University, Houston where Diamond, Chris Oliver was on fire! That presentation culminated with the delivery of Mercedes keys to new OG Sapphires’. I actually heard Diamond Elgie Young’s inspiring story then spoke and shook hands with him. Inspiring. I AM CONVINCED! Organo Gold is my FUTURE! It’s Easy, It’s Simple It’s Coffee!
    Back To Jackie and Miles Anderson, They have never told me anything wrong about OG and the business of Network Marketing. They are available, knowledgeable and willing to help! I couldn’t ask for better leadership. I can’t forget listening to Mr. Holton Bugg’s “Cash Cow”. I am learning to Eat The Crust FIRST! BTW, Today I received another LOAD on My OG Wallet. #coffeelicious

  • Julio E Ramos says:

    I started Organo Gold about a month ago and learning something new every single day. I love the product, not only does it taste good, but it’s also good for you. I have a heart condition and I used to get bad palpitations, after drinking the coffee I no longer get those annoying palpitations also I feel alot more calm.
    I really like the company’s compensation plan, I have tried other network marketing companies but there is no comparison to our compensation plan. I found a new home with Organo Gold, this is my family now, my OG family, I’m here to stay forever…

    Julio E. Ramos
    North Miami Beach, FL.


    i will like to part in this project

  • for me all i can say its that “i am on the right lane ,thanks to ORGANOGOLD “its my first network marketing company to work with and its a blessing to me

    Sammy N Gitonga

  • Patrick Abayomi Ofarn says:

    Copffee The Forst AntiOxidant in the world drank by over 2 million cups daily! all I want is just 1% of that bite daily,so If you must drink and Drive, Drink ORGANO Coffee;PAO Nigeria…………2014



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